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May 15th, 2004


Beta Male

Battery Power

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On June 4th, 2003, Gabriel left the comfort of his city home to embark on a horrible journey of his own design. Along with his compatriots, Adam Scotto, and Malcolm Felder, Gabriel would brace the deep forest of Connecticut on a quest for truth, purity, and spiritual wholeness. The plan: compose and record an album of music and musings over a three-day camping trip, using only what instruments and battery-operated devices they could fit into the trunk of Malcolm’s 1989 Chevy Caprice Classic. What happened may shock, disturb, or confuse you, but it can’t be ignored. (Though we try.) It is a story unlike any other. A story of the unrelenting torment of Mother Nature, claustrophobic delirium, artistic delusions, non-conformist eating habits, and the occasional triumph of the human spirit.

So visit the site, download songs as you read the adventure, or just download the entire album.

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February 29th, 2004

The Boston Globe

Down and out in Allston and Brookline
Joshua Glenn, Globe Staff

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IDEAS FIRST HEARD about local wunderkind Gabriel Boyer in 2001, when the 24-year-old Brookline High alum gave a series of lectures at Roxbury’s Berwick Research Institute art venue on romantic love, utopian thought, and causal reasoning, punctuated by his noodling on a Wurlitzer electric piano. Boyer, who works odd hours at the Coolidge Corner theater and a Newton after-school program, went on to found Bedroom Theater, a weekly happening in the bedroom of his Jamaica Plain loft. After taking his show on a bedroom-to-bedroom tour across America last summer, he dropped out of sight. But now he has reappeared, brandishing copies of “How to Tell the Living from the Dead” (Mutable Press), a self-published first novel in which a father belatedly attempts to convey to his estranged son what makes him tick. Ideas telephoned Boyer at home in Jamaica Plain.


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