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December 28th, 2016

My Asinine Life

Fake is the New Real. Watch as it Eats You!

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As the fires of the abyss come calling on our doorsteps this holiday, and our openings are twisting into the most convoluted of holiday shapes in their efforts to disguise themselves as the non-sacred things that have replaced their authentic originals—as what we thought was a thing is now transforming into a much older more disgusting thing—as there is no more time left—as time is always running out—as we move without clarity of vision into places without clear contours where the weak among us can be feasted on by bodiless persons as if these bureaucracies could sing in the spirit of the stars, when these are paper card constructions, built of paper so as to maintain their fully paper empires.


They cavort and laugh. “I’m only joshin ya,” as their fingers twirl and twist around the increasingly more lumpy shapes of the world surrounding us. And just a moment ago eyes that were crinkling in discomfort are now swimming about this person’s face impossibly. And the lights in our room are somehow also birds chirping. And a pain somewhere in my lower regions. And a humming sound. And a spec in my eye.


We can no longer clearly see the world while all the while we’re clearly killing the world.


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December 27th, 2016

3 Things

Episode 1: Vore, Virtual Reality, Druggie Dentists

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Listen to our three experts pontificating this week on these three issues of sexuality, reality, and dentists on drugs in the 21st century for the first in our series of 3 Things. Mutable’s favorite three curmudgeons are giving their two cents on issues you had no desire to ever know anything about! Check in regularly for more 3 Things!


December 21st, 2016

The Excerpt Series

The Scenarists of Europe
Michael S. Judge

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[Below is an excerpt from Michael S. Judge's novel, The Scenarists of Europe, out now, through Dalkey Archive. This is the second of several we will be putting up from Mr. Judge over the coming months. The first was from Judge's novel Ubixic, which can be found here.]


People are the first indication that you’ve moved from Djuna’s city to Tom’s. People: better to call them figures. They behave in only one way, not the same way but one way each. They’re doing what they do whenever you look. Unobserved they likely hide, lay folded or at length in canisters under the street like tanks of obsolete poison.
       The ones wrapped in on themselves may burst with new selenotropic buds that spring up where brows rub wrists. Dirt-caked blooms with stiff seaweed fans, picked by other flowers and other fish into a comb of rigid tendrils. Fed by cool milks of the moon. Fed on white drink with ribbons curling through it, blue and moonflecked like Pierrot’s face.
       The ones laid out full-length must grow by diminution, like corpses getting bigger. Their chests will rise to lower points and filter out less yeast; their eyes will sink nearer to the tank’s tarnished surface and take root in metal clefts. With their other flesh laid aside, stretched full elsewhere and eyeless, such eyes would stand like glistened marshland plants. An eye unglassed, unglazed, still shocked by sight, atop a stalk of greasy nerves. And every slump toward the floor makes these bodies longer. When they die, we think, they die as man-shaped patches of damp. Not a fingernail thick, but thirty feet between their toes and the eyes that stand still upright.
       Cave paintings made with human soap.

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December 5th, 2016

Mutable Sound of the Month

Mr. Shadow

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Scientists at SONY CSL Research Laboratory have created the first-ever entire songs composed by Artificial Intelligence: Mister Shadow. What was the inspiration behind the writing? We can only wonder. Welcome to the future!


November 23rd, 2016

The Making it Free Project

MUT003: The Textbook Tapes

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Mutable Sound has been kind enough to release this masterpiece of a science fiction novel soundtrack on the anniversary of its conception one wintry thanksgiving close to twenty years ago when Boyer and Felder found me in my apartment huffing on half-smoked cigarettes from out my artificial skull ash tray while I did snorts of warmed bourbon and pontificated on the wonders of psychoplasmetic meletetics and its many impossible offspring. The Textbook Tapes comes from way back before we gave up on considering the future as a place that might happen, and we believed that whatever it is we are doing right now is the most epic thing that’s ever been done ever. It features such notable hits as Wormdog, and Fugitive Whore, but my own personal favorite will always be Metal Teeth: “Worms connect using metal teeth / You find your thoughts all lost in a bed / Pampered in my own eyes / Grown a slit in my own head.” Yes, we were living in the future then, but it’s nothing like how the future’s turned out to be.


Be the first 15 to send your contact info will receive one of the original red CD’s absolutely FREE! Just as the digital download is now also ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Be sure to keep checking in as Mutable continues to make each and every one of their Mutable albums free in a desperate attempt to clear out their storehouses before the coming apocalypse! It’s a race against time!

September 18th, 2016

Letter from the Editor

The Internet, Hyperobjects, and the Artifice of Me

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In this age of cultural criticism, punditry, general micro-blogging and endless gaffes, shock, and outrage on the internet and beyond—although mostly on the internet, perhaps in part because it’s a place that exists nowhere, like the Na-koja-abad of muslim mysticism, the Persian term for utopia, which literally means, “the place that exists nowhere”—but also because it is currently the primary means through which we interact with our society and also the average American’s primary means for self-expression in general. This bodiless heaven, where we can instantly and immediately be gratified of any unbodily need we have while our actual bodies fester in the increasing hell of our actual room, is an interiority exposed and the internal uploaded into the closest our technology has come to mind, with servers as stand-ins for the more mundane ganglia of people and people as stand-ins for the more mundane mind of the masses.


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September 5th, 2016

Thalatta Twice

Sorry, Kale Drinkers: Trump’s Rampage Isn’t a Resurgence of American Bigotry or a Reichstag Fire—The Problem’s Less Sexy, More Fundamental


[Thalatta Twice is a website dedicated to comparing contemporary events to antiquity. The below is one of their posts. You can follow Mutable's own Gabriel Boyer for more Trump coverage here.]


The Praetorians, apprehensive that, in this private contract, they should not obtain a just price for so valuable a commodity, ran out upon the ramparts; and, with a loud voice, proclaimed that the Roman world was to be disposed of to the best bidder by public auction.


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