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April 4th, 2019

Manifesto of the Month

The Unraveling Prism

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1. You Get up in the Morning


You get up in the morning, and you go to our job, and you do whatever it is you’ve been trained to do, through school and circumstance, and you come home to this place that you call yours, except for maybe it’s just a rented bit of flooring in some basement and beside a work desk or under someone else’s pillow, but you got a stove to heat your food, and maybe someone to talk to, maybe not, and the years pile on the years, and your body turns to a more brittle version of your body and maybe every once in a while something shatters or starts to wobble in its seat of cartilage. Eventually, one of these things will end you. Is this the dream?


Are we dreaming when we slurp up our gelattos come Sunday and sniffle into the palm of our hand while we rummage about in the Internet’s glittering trash? Is there a dream in all of this? The dream made real in the 20th Century that then proved itself to be in actuality just a dream as the 21st approached? The dream of the lobotomite in the White House brought low? Or of the return of some sense of decency? The dream that a man once talked about of all people stood tall together?


You remember those dreams.


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