November 8th, 2009

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A D Jameson

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At the stroke of three-thirty the missile lurches from the ceiling and forcefully imbeds itself inside the giant globe. Only the missile is the prong of a fork, and the globe is a sugar gum-drop. Welcome to the miniature world of THE MICROS, a likeable little people whose adventures are recounted in this amazing series of family films. No more than one centimeter in height, the Micros experience one exciting adventure after another, as they make their way in a world so much larger than they are. Now, experience that adventure and dream about being as miniscule as a Micro. In the first tape, we are introduced to the world of the Micros, in which many of the everyday objects we take for granted are shown to be treacherous hazards for our miniscule heroes, because they are so small. A drop of water is a giant pond, a speck of tin foil a dangerous open blade. We meet various prominent Micro citizens who serve as the major characters in the series. In the second tape, Scrunchy is discovered to be missing, and the other Micros fear the worst. Meanwhile strange new objects keep appearing in Lothar’s hut. In the third tape the Micros confront their murderous arch-foe Pepperton, who has sworn to rid the earth of what he considers “disgusting, disease-causing Micros.” In the fourth tape, the Micros must work in concert to save an orphaned boy from the bitter reality of life on the street. Through their efforts, a new home is found for the boy, but not before many exciting adventures are had. These and other wonderful videotapes form the collection of MICRO films now available for home viewing by you and your family. Welcome to the miniature world of THE MICROS, where the people are small in stature, but big in caring, and in courage.


“It’s a world made and run by men, but a woman can fight for her place.” These are the words of Ms. Jessica Webb, the heroine of a new dramatic feature that chronicles her life from a traumatic breakup and loss of a parent through various ups and downs, until she finds peace of heart through her indomitable spirit and resilience of will, and quick thinking. Jessica knows she must work extra hard to persevere in a world stacked against her, but despite this she manages to keep trying, her vision of “a place of her own” never for long out of her sight. Along the way she encounters and influences many intriguing personalities, all of whom are similarly trying to make a name for themselves in our modern world. Some of these characters form close ties with Jessica, and others come to stand in her way, but all leave their mark and none will be quickly forgotten. Spend two hours of your time seeing life through the eyes of Ms. Jessica Webb, a point of view that will make you laugh at universal absurdities and quietly nod in somber agreement at the pains we all must endure. Also, a sequel to this film is currently in development, starring many of the original characters, and will soon be screened in theaters nationwide. So scoop up a copy of JESSICA WEBB, and share with her the joys and occasional dissatisfactions that comprise so many of the experiences of today’s life.

Fans of the sexy pottery scene in GHOST will want to get their hands on IN YOUR HANDS, the popular new romantic thriller set in the exciting world of the ceramic arts. Jack Sirew is a potter in love with Melanie, another potter. But tragedy strikes when Jack loses his hands, his job, and his inspiration as an artist. When Melanie, torn by grief, finds solace in the arms of a friendly metal worker, Jack must embark upon a spiritual journey to come to terms with his losses, and reclaim both his talents and his girl. But first he must overcome the desperate drug addiction that despair has driven him to. Who will win and who will lose in this high-stakes game of desire and deception, powered by a hot soundtrack featuring MC Hammer’s “O Yeah O Yeah”? Put IN YOUR HANDS in your hands—a terrific small-screen classic sure to delight art students and kids alike!

If you enjoy heart-pounding adventure, SHOW STOPPER is a must-see. Jack Sirew was an everyday playwright who dreamed of writing a masterpiece that would endure for ages. Melanie Kingston is the beautiful actress Jack knows can bring his characters to life. But someone has decided that the show must not go on, and Jack and Melanie find themselves struggling not only to master the theater arts and their blossoming relationship—but to stay alive as well. When the other actors and actresses begin getting murdered, Jack knows he must find the killer if he is to save both his play and Melanie. Together they track the madman throughout the city and finally to the chilling showdown in New York’s glorious Catskill Mountains. “SHOW STOPPER is an exciting blend of mystery and action,” writes Joel Siegel. “Tersely observed, its intricacies make for a fiercely energetic movie that atom-bombs the viewer’s expectations!” SHOW STOPPER is 131 minutes long and is rated R for violence, gore, profanity, drug use, adult language, nudity, simulated sex, and adult content. Available on video March 17!

Fasten your seatbelts for this one, movie watchers! CHARLES THE FIRST is the new movie that has everyone talking. Inspired by true events, CHARLES THE FIRST is set in the world of intrigue that was Carolinian England. Charles I has ascended the throne, and all the populace wonders: Will he be as great a king as Elizabeth? Will England retain the glory of its Golden Age? Enter Franklin, a loveable street urchin with little in his pockets but plenty of pluck in his spirit. Franklin learns of a diabolical plot to assassinate Charles, and knows it’s his patriotic duty to “save my king and country, or die in the trying.” Will Franklin succeed? Sit tight and see for yourself! This film, like SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, will captivate adults and kids alike with its blend of humor, camaraderie, and romance action. One of many exciting subplots includes the mystery of the dinosaurs: what’s killing them? Can Franklin find out before it’s too late? Don’t miss this high octane live-action film!

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Within one week, we’ll send you a DVD sure to move and delight you. Help Baby learn about the movies, TV, DVDs, and all the other gadgets we now can’t imagine life without. Your custom DVD will have a rich array of talent serving up many exciting, dynamic stories. Youngsters find themselves on some sort of adventure, usually by accident and often accompanied by a dog, a pig, or something more exotic. This enjoyable, absorbing drama contains that as well as intense performances with close attention paid to camaraderie and loyalty under fire from the temptations of love and drugs. A special-effects-laden masterpiece, and simply one of the best adventures ever, featuring some of the craziest, most high-octane stunts you could ask for. Full of revelations and stark beauty. Find out why families everywhere think this is so special. You can get a much better value than what you’ve been paying for. Has made many scream with delight.

IT’S ALF! FOR THE LAST TIME ON VIDEO! We loved him in the ‘80s when he was on TV. Now we’ll love him again on DVD. Watch the irascibly furry Gordon Shumway chase cats, dream of returning home to his girlfriend on the far away planet Melmac, and delight the L.A. Tanner family with his incomparable adventures. And your family, too! “No problem!” My God, whatta loon! Does he still elude the Alien Task Force? Did he ever manage to dine on the Tanners’ cat, Lucky? Did he ever repair his ship and fly home to the arms of his sweetheart, Rhonda? Or is he now battered and frayed, a ghostlike figure doomed to disappear through a trapdoor into a train, where he lives in a casket? Whatever did happen to him? I miss him so.