October 25th, 2009

A Mutable Feature

Manifesto of the Month

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For the past few months you may have noticed the occasional manifesto popping up for you to peruse. “Why,” you may have asked. The why is this.

We here at Mutable have believed in the art of the manifesto from before there was a Mutable to speak of. We taught a course at the Berwick Research Institute on manifesto-writing back in the summer of 2002, and have been soliciting people to write manifestos ever since. Our first book was Manifesto I, a collection of the manifestos were written as a result of our expertise in nagging.

All of this has evolved into the Manifesto of the Month. On the first sunday of every month we publish a manifesto discovered in the wonderful world of the interweb. Click on the link below to see the results of our ongoing efforts.

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