January 12th, 2003

Bedroom Theater

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It began when my roommate changed the light bulb in my bedroom. It ended in a five-hour crying spree in the Nevada desert, but will also never be over for me. Bedroom Theater is a productionless event in which there is no audience, only people performing for each other, for the sheer pleasure of performing, and I have resuscitated it here in Chicago for the simple reason that I am lonely and want to slather my loneliness on others.


If you are interested in performing plays in your bedroom, please call (773) 384-4642. Will do a one-man show of The Cruscible by Arthur Miller upon demand as if I were some mechanical puppet brought to life by an armful of quarters! Everyone is a performer, but who among us have performed all-nite bedroom theater even in our wildest dreams?

For more on this, please see Seven Nights in the Bedroom, a memoir of and manual for, Bedroom Theater. Coming shortly. A Collection of Conversations for Everyday Use, so you never have to entertain yourself, ever again!