About us at Mutable

Gabe and Malcolm in front of some wood.

Gabe and Malcolm in front of some wood.

Mutable Sound was originally Mutable Press, a company founded with Zachary Katz and the publication of a small book titled Seven Short Plays for the Bedroom. We had it printed at Kinko’s. We bound them ourselves using a saddle stitch on the floor of my bedroom at 180 Green Street where the plays themselves had been performed. We had discussed it in Brooklyn over eggs.

Zach had the first thought, because he has forever wanted to act as philanthropist to the larger literary world, and I was a small fry had itchings of eternity—the sort to shout my insults at the walls of my carton-strewn junkyard of a bedroom, only to then crawl back into the waiting arms of my waiting bed. The initial aesthetic was all zine and zealotry, hapless wonder and high-end hilarity.

Then it was three years later and I was leaving for China, Mutable Press now three books the richer and I ready for marriage to a Chinese National and the life that would entail. Three more years, and I was in Chicago, and Mutable Press had become Mutable Sound, a more comprehensive cottage industry of a thing, containing both the past and other elements as well, with Malcolm Felder as the mastermind behind that transformation. We were putting out music now as well.

Malcolm has always been the most musical of all of us, and the one who gave Mutable Sound its current, distinctive look. It was his idea to record a radio play in fifty-two episodes and air it on a weekly podcast, his idea to expand Mutable to include audio as I said before, releasing an album occasionally because it is beautiful and others should be confronted by its beauty.

Since that time, we have released a number of printed works, some longer, some shorter, of fiction and poetry, and I have indeed been married in Sichuan, and lived in Boston, and now off to points unknown, and Malcolm and I have recorded upwards of 10 albums together and put out a number of unsung masterpieces by friends and strangers alike.

As for me, I am Gabriel Boyer, editor-in-chief, author experimental fiction, founder of Bedroom Theater, musical collaborator with the aforementioned Felder, occasional expat, and self-described critic of everything.

Mutable Sound is first and foremost a gallery for word and sound. If you are interested in having your work showcased, please feel free to contact us at mail@mutablesound.com.