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Gabe and Malcolm in front of some wood.

Gabe and Malcolm in front of some wood.

Mutable Sound was originally Mutable Press, a company founded six years ago with the publication of a small book titled Seven Short Plays for the Bedroom. We had it printed at Kinko’s. We bound them ourselves using a saddle stitch on the floor of my bedroom at 180 Green Street where the plays themselves had been performed. We had discussed it in Brooklyn over eggs. Then Bedroom Theater and those plays. Then it was three years later and I was leaving for China, Mutable Press now three books the richer and I ready for marriage to a Chinese National and the life that would entail. Now three more years have passed and I am in Chicago, and Mutable Press has become Mutable Sound, a larger envelope contains both the past and other elements as well, for Mutable Sound deals with a wider range beyond the simple scope of language, screes and whistles, as well as the occasional scripted cocktail party or extended inquiry.

Malcolm Felder ( his music can be found at lineland.net) is the mastermind behind this most recent transformation. It was his idea to record a radioplay in fifty-two episodes and air it on a weekly podcast, his idea to expand Mutable to include audio as well as literary ventures. Malcolm has re-interpreted the larger skeletal system of the organization, transforming the company from indie publisher with little in the way of experience into an example of conspicuous consumption, a storehouse of those odd little experiments in sound could easily have been enacted in the sitting parlors of futurists and their offspring, had these early explorers into the absurd been gifted with the wonders of musical electronica, while I continue my forays into the underground literati, featuring a different under-appreciated connoisseur of culture every week, and occasionally making mention of some book we recently had printed, or an album we are releasing because it is beautiful and others should be confronted by its beauty.

But it was Zachary Katz had the initial thought, he having a craving to act as philanthropist to the larger literary world, and I was a small fry had itchings of eternity, only to crawl back in the waiting arms of my waiting bed. I spoke harsh words when he said he wanted to publish my writings because I did not believe his goodwill. A common theme at that time, but our vision has expanded since then, from zine to zealotry, from hapless wonder to high-end hilarity, but where are we going is the question on everybody’s lips, and not one I can answer with any clarity.

I am Gabriel Boyer by the way, editor-in-chief, back from China, Alaska, and points east, to do what I can in my underheated little den. My study faces a brick wall. My book, A Survey of My Failures this Far, is due out in a few months.

Mutable Sound is first and foremost a gallery for word and sound. We can be contacted at mail@mutablesound.com, or

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