Mutable Artist

Andrew Franklin Mansberger

Andrew Franklin Mansberger is a reclusive savant whose worth it is impossible to over-estimate. Mansberger first developed a following in the college town of Kalamazoo, Michigan towards the end of the last century. He was playing several instruments in several bands at that time, including local favorites Monoglot, Berwer, and Gain Soul: The Combustible Collective. Then, a few years into the new millenium, Andrew took his self-taught knowledge of music and recording to various locations in Southwest Michigan to document an impressive amount of material for purposes beyond our understanding.

His two official albums as Frank Fuzz, “I Quit My Job at Kinkos” and “Dead Birds Always Fly South” (released on Self-Satisfied Records), are both accessible and enjoyable displays of pure song-writing genius, but he is not simply a misunderstood kook working the nobs of some antiquated analog synth in the dank confines of his grandmother’s basement. He is also a true phenomenon when encountered live, the rare Frank Fuzz/Andrew Franklin Mansberger show often including guest performances or a live video accompaniment, with backing tracks, harmonies, and intriguing cinematography to help fill out the dense layers of his recordings. His up and coming album will be released by Mutable later this year.

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