June 9th, 2003


Manifesto I
Various Authors

5" X 7.5" | 91 pages | $10.00 | Out of Print

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It began as a class. Zach and I were teaching a class on manifesto-writing. In the course of preparing for that class I fell in love with the style of the manifesto, and we agreed to put out a collection of manifestos culled both from the web and any persons could be cornered in a dark room to state in short declarative sentences their beliefs. Some of the texts contained in this book are beautiful manifestos of a nihilist variety, such as Manifesto of Negativity by Harry Polkinhorn, Society of the Future by Larthom Spirochete, or Performance Indoctrination Model by Ray Langenbach, while others play with the form of the manifesto itself, such as Meg Rotzel’s Declaration of Meg or Manifesto 72-B by Crimethinc., though quite a few are heartfelt expressions of a desire for change, such as The Culture of the Real by Sean Micka, The Wild Ranch Manifesto by Tim Haugen, FRICMT by Jonah Rapino, and Manifesto for a New Instrumentation by Jason Sanford.