September 24th, 2009


A Journey to…
Happiness Island

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18 tracks recorded in Brooklyn, NY in December of 2000. All songs written by Gabriel Boyer and Malcolm Felder. Engineered by Kevin Micka. Produced by Malcolm Felder.


FREE MP3: Free Association (featuring Animal Hospital’s Kevin Micka as “Billy”)


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Track Listing:
1. Introduction (0:43)
2. The Eating Song (1:10)
3. Sunflower Theme (2:35)
4. Chipmunkee (2:27)
5. Quantum Mechanics (3:06)
6. Octopus at the Piano (1:44)
7. Story of the Island (3:15)
8. Free Association (4:08)
9. The Chase (0:51)
10. Damaged Spleen (1:57)
11. Happiness City (3:12)
12. Fuzzy Feelings (1:41)
13. The Million Year Song (4:01)
14. Nostalgia (1:17)
15. Set Your Sights (2:41)
16. Burger Army Theme (2:05)
17. Clobbermeisters Theme (0:38)
18. Happiness (2:29)

‘A Journey to Happiness Island’ was recorded in a weekend. The product of years of conniving on the part of Malcolm Felder, this album was recorded some eight years ago, released on green vinyl through Mutable Press and Mister Records, and is just now being made available digitally to fans everywhere from Cairo to Vladivostok.

Malcolm had envisioned Happiness Island as not so much a parody of children’s music, but rather an exploration of the style of production that goes into the creation of a children’s album. It follows Mr. Tadpole as he leads Billy, Mr. Jeebee, the Sunflower Cabaret, and Mr. Chipmunkee to Happiness Island. The story is narrated by Dr. Esophagus, a dermatologist. We go everywhere we can think of, from in to out, from up to down, from playful banging to electronic ooze, all in one scatalogical adventure into a yesteryear that never was. All else can be said concerning the story is that things get worse only to get better. Happiness Island isn’t Sappiness Island, anymore.