July 7th, 2010


Box Kites

Glitter Tracks

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12 tracks recorded in Winthrop, Maine, and Chicago, Illinois in 2008/2009. All songs performed by Box Kites. Produced by Malcolm Felder. Cover art by Annie Heringer.


FREE MP3: White Space


Imagine a helicopter evacuation in the midst of a sort of American Idol Armageddon immediately followed by pillow talk between Sean Connery and Charlotte Rampling as they age and crumble to dust. This is the sort of album that touches the spinal chord while leaving your tongue free to roam through memories of loose change and backrooms, the home you’ve never been to, and that stretch of highway you’ll never forget. It was mostly recorded over several days in 2008 on a small island in Lake Cobbosseecontee, Maine, and mixed down in Chicago by Lineland’s Malcolm Felder. “We love destructive innovation. We use modern-looking people.” This could become a rallying cry.


Track Listing:
1. White Space (3:50)
2. Driveway Sale (2:45)
3. Hot Song (3:11)
4. Standing at the Gates (3:32)
5. Oye Mama Oye Papa (3:50)
6. Black Juice (3:19)
7. What’s Gonna Happen (3:07)
8. Quarter (4:02)
9. Oakland Gardens (2:55)
10. Tabernacle (3:43)
11. Glitter Tracks (4:36)
12. Oakland Gardens – Lineland Mix (4:03)


Songwriting Credits:
1, 7, 9, 12: Felder
2, 4: Eljer
3, 6, 8, 10: Heringer
5: Alejandro
11: Felder/Eljer

Thanks to everyone at Exile, Mick & Deb Felder, Howard Huang, Jason Allen, Noah Sheldon, and Wallace Stevens.