April 11th, 2011



Cast and Costumes

9 Tracks | Digital Download | $0 | Now Available


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9 songs written, performed, and produced in Rennes, France in 2010 by Germain Caillet. Cover Art by Germain Caillet.


SAMPLE MP3: Xylocaine


Mutable is proud to introduce the first American release by French artist Germain Caillet, also known as Paplib. It’s a truly captivating album that crackles with intrigue, holding back just enough to demand our attention, while still enfolding us in a pillow of warmth, emotion, and hallucinatory nostalgia. It’s a dreamlike sound that brings to mind contemporaries like Panda Bear or Juana Molina, and also has a timeless feel, taking cues from luminaries like The Silver Apples or Robert Wyatt.

Caillet, formally of the band Bellyache, plays everything on Cast and Costumes, and submerges us in a bath of sound that feels effortless and expansive. The surreal landscape of his songs are punctuated with arrangements that move from sparse to epic and back again, utilizing an arsenal of guitars, cellos, drums, lo-fi loops and his distinct voice. It’s clear that English is not Caillet’s native tongue, but he has adopted it for most of the album, and sings with brave abandon that is both endearing and transcendent. It adds to the otherworldliness of his sound, as though he is visiting us from planet France, and delivering an urgent message to the English-speaking world. The message seems hopeful, though there is a stream-of-consciousness flow to his songs that suggests this is more of an album of personal discovery, and there are no concrete messages at all. Paplib is a true visionary, navigating space and melody with a unique grace, creating an album that soothes and educates us with every listen.

Track Listing:
1. Camera Behind the Cameraman (3:14)
2. Xylocaine (4:23)
3. Coco Smile (6:02)
4. Flying Lezard (6:31)
5. Het (Icy Drops) (4:09)
6. Eyom Nod (0:34)
7. Slimy Smile (3:35)
8. Voodoo Politics (0:59)
9. Cast and Costumes (4:36)