December 5th, 2014


Gabriel Chad Boyer and Normal Feelings

No Place to Die

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It begins with a few good lies. Then something terrible happens and those lies are shattered. You’re looking for someone to blame but also terrified and barreling off into god only knows where when you see something else—maybe a girl on a rock, or a hummingbird midflight, but something—and you see that where you are is just nowhere, and you see where you are for what it is, and everything becomes clear for a moment. You’re going to die someday, and it’s terrifying. This is the album.


These songs were written in the throes of passion, while slinging roe in the Bering Strait, and while staying up all night keeping an eye on an old man named Larry who would occasionally stumble out to the kitchen and ask me where he was. They are songs that were captured in a park outside Beijing, and songs we first charted in a basement in Chicago when the country’s economy was collapsing. One of them is a song I wrote to the woman I ended up marrying. These are personal songs.


Sometimes they twist out of control or nudge off darkly. They are full of my loneliest moments. Once or twice they might sparkle uncertainly.


—Gabriel Chad Boyer


Track Listing:
1. Schizo Kong (3:09)
2. Nevada (4:01)
3. Stolen (2:24)
4. The Waiting Song (1:24)
5. Alaska (2:20)
6. WAD in Space (0:19)
7. Nervous (3:27)
8. Train to Hong Kong (5:51)
9. Grace (6:36)
10. I fell in Love with a Lady (0:34)
11. Hummingbird (4:33)
12. Montana (4:52)
13. Antimontana (0:53)
14. Wild West, Far East (3:53)
15. The Houses I’ve Seen (2:18)
16. Last Night with Larry (3:45)
17. Unless you Disapprove (1:42)


Lyrics by Gabriel Boyer
Music by Normal Feelings
Produced by Jason Allen
Normal Feelings is
Gabriel Boyer – vocals, organ, keyboard, fun machine
Malcolm Felder – organ, guitar, bass, drums, ciblon, kendhang agen, percussion, backup vocals
Jason Allen – drums, melodica, bass, organ, keyboard, kenong, kempul, peking, percussion, samples
Phil Arezzi – guitar
Piotr Wereszczyński – guitar
Alex Yoffe – celempung, peking, gendèr barung
Dan Katayama – guitar
Paul Medrano – tape ghosts
Michael Gorka – guitar


Recorded at
Rockwell Sound Studios – Chicago, Ill.
ODub Studio #2 – Eugene, Ore.
Yanjiao People’s Park – Yanjiao, China


CDD Pre-Mastering by Scott Craggs.


Special thanks to you know who you are.


Cover image taken from the wall of Mianning Middle School, Mianning, China.