December 8th, 2015


Outside the Lines Summer Music Project

Falling Boxes

20 Tracks | Digital Download | $5 | Now Available


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Falling Boxes is the product of a summer spent in a circle making sounds with drums and boom sticks and piano and keyboard and recorder and harmonica and meshing all these sounds together into a single larger hodge podge of sound. It is a collaboration of very different hands and a chaos only barely twisted into a variety of shapes. Mutable’s own Gabriel Boyer worked with the men and woman at Outside the Lines Studio to record covers from the distant past and the recent present, as well as extended freak-outs that sometimes went nowhere, but every once in a while went somewhere amazing! This is a sound collage of raw material and it is yet another unusual weird-o masterpiece, with all proceeds going to the Outside the Lines Studio!


Outside the Lines Studio is a day-program for developmentally disabled adults, in which persons create works of art that then go on sale in the gallery attached, and this sound project is no different. All proceeds will go back to the program itself. We here at Mutable are very proud to have had the privilege of working with the artists at Outside the Lines Studio and are excited for you to hear the wonder that was made there!


Track Listing:
1. End of the Line (4:28)
2. Fallen (0:46)
3. Gabe’s Final Piano Recording (3:27)
4. Lean on Me (2:23)
5. Sylvia 2 (1:22)
6. Stay with Me (4:22)
7. Sylvia’s Rough Beach (3:11)
8. Sylvia 1 (3:09)
9. It’s Been a Long Time Coming (2:50)
10. Sounds in an Ecosystem (1:16)
11. The Boxer (0:39)
12. This Little Light of Mine (2:38)
13. Sylvia 3 (2:38)
14. One (3:54)
15. Wade in the Water (1:02)
16. Sylvia 4 (2:38)
17. Round (0:44)
18. Sylvia’s Piano 2 (3:02)
19. Week 3 Piano 1 (6:20)
20. Sylvia Singing Final (2:03)


Music by the Outside the Lines Summer Music Project
Produced by Gabriel Boyer


Recorded at
Third Life Studio


Cover image by Sylvia