Mutable Artist

Normal Feelings

Because so many of the albums released by Mutable Sound are concept albums by bands that existed solely to create the product, Normal Feelings was formed so as to bring this music to a wider audience. In short, Normal Feelings began as a tribute band to the music of the Thousand Eyes, the Liszts, and Betamale, but Normal Feelings has now evolved into a loose group of musicians working together to develop new sounds and new songs. Most recently, Normal Feelings and Mutable author Gabriel Chad Boyer have worked together to write, produce, and release their first album, No Place to Die, out now through Mutable Sound.


People who are currently involved in Normal Feelings include, Gabriel Boyer, Malcolm Felder, Jason Allen, Phil Arezzi, Piotr WereszczyƄski, Alex Yoffe, Dan Katayama, Paul Medrano, and Michael Gorka.


Why Normal Feelings? Because these feelings are normal. Their music can be found here.