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Gabriel Boyer

Boyer in the badlands.

Boyer in the badlands.

Gabriel Boyer began his performing career at the age of eighteen, singing-Blood-Sweat-and-Tears-while-adorned-in-condiments, this period ending when, at the age of twenty-one, he discovered soul music and formed the band Extra Play with Malcolm Felder, then abandoned said musical project to relocate to New York City where he curated the spoken word portion of the DUMBO Arts Festival in ’99. In ’00 he moved back to Boston, and took over SWoON (Spoken Word or Other Night) from Zachary Katz, curating it monthly for a full year, then began producing Bedroom Theater in his bedroom in fall of ’02. It was held at various intervals from weekly to monthly for a little over a year before he took it on the road and to bedrooms across America, the final performance being in the desert of Nevada.

In December of ’00 Mr. Boyer and Mr. Felder wrote and recorded A Journey to Happiness Island in a single weekend in Brooklyn and a musical partnership was formed. The album was to be released conjointly between Mutable Press and Mister Records. Later albums include: Walking Stick (recorded in ’01), The Textbook Tapes (’02), Battery Power (’03), and The Mannerists Live at The Pie House (’08).

In summer of ’03 Mutable Press (a company founded by Zachary Katz and Gabriel Boyer) released its first book, a collection of manifestoes edited by Mr. Boyer. In the winter of that same year Mutable Press released How to Tell the Living from the Dead, a novel by Gabriel Boyer. In the course of the following year Mutable Press released four books, among which was Seven Nights in the Bedroom, a memoir of Bedroom Theater, also by Gabriel Boyer.

Then Mr. Boyer moved to China for a year to contemplate what he had done. Afterwards, relocating to an anarchist commune just south of Eugene, OR, where he filmed an anarchist musical entitled Free-Thinking Man as Commodity. After a brief stint working in a fish processing plant in the Bering Strait, he and Malcolm Felder recorded a radioplay, Twilight at the Lady Jane Grey College for Little Ladies in the spring of ’08 at Shady Pines Studios. Most recently, a collection of his novels, A Survey of My Failures this Far has been published by Mutable Sound, which he currently runs with Felder. He now once again resides in China, this time in a small resort town name of Yangshuo about eight hours north of Vietnam and surrounded by the prettiest little mountains.