December 8th, 2015


Outside the Lines Summer Music Project

Falling Boxes

20 Tracks | Digital Download | $5 | Now Available


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Falling Boxes is the product of a summer spent in a circle making sounds with drums and boom sticks and piano and keyboard and recorder and harmonica and meshing all these sounds together into a single larger hodge podge of sound. It is a collaboration of very different hands and a chaos only barely twisted into a variety of shapes. Mutable’s own Gabriel Boyer worked with the men and woman at Outside the Lines Studio to record covers from the distant past and the recent present, as well as extended freak-outs that sometimes went nowhere, but every once in a while went somewhere amazing! This is a sound collage of raw material and it is yet another unusual weird-o masterpiece, with all proceeds going to the Outside the Lines Studio!


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December 5th, 2014


Gabriel Chad Boyer and Normal Feelings

No Place to Die

17 Tracks | Digital Download | $0 | Now Available


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It begins with a few good lies. Then something terrible happens and those lies are shattered. You’re looking for someone to blame but also terrified and barreling off into god only knows where when you see something else—maybe a girl on a rock, or a hummingbird midflight, but something—and you see that where you are is just nowhere, and you see where you are for what it is, and everything becomes clear for a moment. You’re going to die someday, and it’s terrifying. This is the album.


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June 15th, 2014


Spiny Retinas
Lina ramona Vitkauskas

5.25" X 8" | Softcover | 60 Pages | $12.00 | AVAILABLE NOW

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SPINY RETINAS is an epic poem, or if you prefer, a narrative poem, or perhaps still if you prefer, a “hybrid text piece” that was compiled slowly over the course of six years (2006–2012). It was constructed using automatic writing technique and addresses and/or speaks to war, politics, and religion (stereotypes and cultural myths explored through use of military and theological hierarchical titles); rape culture, gender roles, and sexism; and pop culture in general. The following books, films, and/or television shows were used as reference points to create SPINY RETINAS: I Dream of Jeanie episodes, John Ashbery’s Girls on the Run, David Lynch’s Lost Highway, Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s Boxing Helena, and Richard Brautigan’s Trout Fishing in America. It was created using aleatoric method/approach and poetic language was used carelessly, unabashedly, often with such extreme force the author found herself shaking simultaneously with utter pleasure and despair. It was a freeing exercise, like running around nude in a random suburban neighborhood at 2 a.m. with a clear squirt gun or picking the first cucumber of the season or even hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

July 13th, 2013


Welcome to Weltschmerz
Gabriel Chad Boyer

5.25" X 8" | Softcover | 560 Pages | $16.00 | NOW AVAILABLE

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“I want to fall on my face and be done with it, go screeching into an extensive fall, like a car on the outbound direction, the motor on fire and the axle cracked. I want to be so gone that there is nothing anymore to salvage, an old hack at a new game, playing starlings in your direction, while shuddering at myself in the mirror. I want to be the one that they drag from the river in the evening papers and the one that finds you at the gazebo with my tie swaying in the breeze. That’s who I want to be.”


In the summer of 2003, Gabriel Boyer toured America in a 1971 VW Minibus with a woman named Jill. The plan was to perform plays in the bedrooms of strangers from Boston to New Orleans to LA to Seattle and back again—casting these strangers and their friends in an impromptu performance as a deranged neurosurgeon, say, or in an anarchist musical. The plan did not go according to plan.


This book is a journey into the America of a decade ago, and the mind of a single neurotic man and a single unfortunate love affair that never went anywhere even though it went all over America. It was a summer that began beautifully, but what could have been perfect was destined to end in tears. Welcome to Weltschmerz.

January 19th, 2012


Twilight at the Lady Jane Grey
College for Little Ladies

An Original Radio Play | 52 Episodes | $ Free Download |


The year is 1903 and the Lady Jane Grey College for Little Ladies is closed for the summer session, the windows empty, gargoyles and latin script cut into the arched doorways, the buildings now abandoned but for a few who have no other home, a handful of teachers, administrators, and orphans.


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November 18th, 2011


Colin Winnette

5.25" X 8" | Softcover | 208 Pages | $12.95 | OUT OF PRINT

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“In Revelation, Colin Winnette sets fire to the world, and in the aftermath, characters wander through smoke, struck dumb by devastation. A forceful book — stripped down, cool, and painful — about the absolute peril of desire.”

—Ben Marcus, author of *The Flame Alphabet*, *Notable American Women*, and *The Age of Wire and String*

“Colin Winnette has… made a provocative work by framing the ordinary in the unfathomable.”

—Rosellen Brown, author of *Before and After* and *Civil Wars*

Revelation, Colin Winnette’s debut novel is a startlingly simple, fresh and audacious retelling of the famous biblical apocalypse tale. Winnette’s Revelation is, on the one hand, a very everyday and modern story, in which desperate characters wander and slip from one year to the next, but behind what would otherwise be a mundane detail lies an architecture of the supernatural — a father carries his son to his grandfather’s retirement community, but does so across a parking lot consumed in a plague of locusts, two childhood friends construct a fort from the hull of an enormous ship abandoned by the oceans as they recede, a body falls from the sky as a warning, but only demolishes the deck of a character’s lakeside home.


To us here at Mutable, Colin Winnette seemed to pop out of nowhere a year ago to instantly become a force of some renown among the indie literary world. A Finalist for the 1913 Press First Book Award, Winnette has stirred up notice from all corners for his innovative and striking stories, as well as his various narrative experiments of larger size. However, Revelation is more than just a stylistic exercise, it’s a powerful emotional document.


Revelation is available now! Click here to read an excerpt from Revelation.

April 11th, 2011



Cast and Costumes

9 Tracks | Digital Download | $0 | Now Available


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9 songs written, performed, and produced in Rennes, France in 2010 by Germain Caillet. Cover Art by Germain Caillet.


SAMPLE MP3: Xylocaine


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April 11th, 2011


Crank Sturgeon + Lineland

Other Occasions Not Minded

10 Tracks | Digital Download | $0 | Now Available


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10 songs written, performed, and produced by Matt Anderson and Malcolm Felder in Harpswell ME and Chicago IL. Cover Art by Matt Anderson and Malcolm Felder.


FREE MP3: swan song; ticking on


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