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February 14th, 2011


Amazing Adult Fantasy
A D Jameson

5.25" X 8" | 168 Pages | $12.95 | NOW AVAILABLE



A D Jameson, lost and innocent, narcissistic and corrupted, has been dreaming his way through the past thirty years, the dying breaths of the fictional 20th century. In his dreams he made many friends: the alien puppet ALF, cantankerous, threadbare, and living in a casket; Luke Skywalker, middle-aged, mustachioed, and hateful; and Bonnie Raitt, the ceramicist, shining spotlights onto sand and cancer.


He invites you now to join both him and them; his lips shape your name. For his dreams have also been about you; he’s been searching for you for a long time. Lie down beside him; allow him to drape his glittery silver fur coat across your shoulders. He’ll fold his hands and bow and whisper. He’ll hand you a gumball that’s grown stale inside a locket. He’ll hand you a gem that fell down from the moon. Together, you’ll sail across the ocean on his wok rat, nibbling his tree pig. Together, you’ll enter these fantastical tombs.


Samples of Jameson’s writing can be found on our website. To read his story, Rock Albany! go here, and to read his story, 7 Movie Reviews, go here.

July 7th, 2010


Box Kites

Glitter Tracks

12 Tracks | Digital Download | $8 | Now Available


Click to Enlarge


12 tracks recorded in Winthrop, Maine, and Chicago, Illinois in 2008/2009. All songs performed by Box Kites. Produced by Malcolm Felder. Cover art by Annie Heringer.


FREE MP3: White Space


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September 24th, 2009


The Mannerists

Live at The Pie House

MP3 | Free Download | $0 | Now Available!

Click for hi-res version

Click for hi-res version


Below is a free download, a recording of a remarkable evening in which Malcolm Felder, Gabriel Boyer, Jeff Black, and the Eugene Community Choir joined hands to recreate the magic of our favorite jazz standards, but how was it to be done? Were they going to play them straight or in a curlicue? Boyer’s velvet voice was offset by his angular piano stylings, while Black wailed on his clarinet in a manner reminiscent of some extinct bird of paradise, the Eugene Community Choir backed up Boyer with their eerie a capella renditions of some big band instrumentation, and Felder rapped his hands round his kit in a series of giddy runs. That man can tease the rhythm out of a lame dog running for its life.


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September 24th, 2009


Gabe Boyer and The Thousand Eyes

The Textbook Tapes

Enhanced CD | Digital Download | $10 CD | $0 MP3 | CD Supply Limited!


Click for hi-res version

Click for hi-res version


14 tracks recorded in Queens, NY, one weekend in 2002. All songs written by Gabriel Boyer and Malcolm Felder. Engineered and produced by Kevin Micka and Malcolm Felder.


TRY THIS MP3 FREE: Cadillac Song


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September 24th, 2009


A Journey to…
Happiness Island

Vinyl | Digital Download | $12 LP | $6 MP3 | Limited Green Vinyl!


Click for hi-res version

Click for hi-res version


18 tracks recorded in Brooklyn, NY in December of 2000. All songs written by Gabriel Boyer and Malcolm Felder. Engineered by Kevin Micka. Produced by Malcolm Felder.


FREE MP3: Free Association (featuring Animal Hospital’s Kevin Micka as “Billy”)


Free digital download of entire album included with vinyl purchase!

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June 16th, 2009


Lineland T-Shirt

Purple 50/50 T-Shirt | Teal Lineland art | $12.00 | Limited Supply

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To commemorate the first ever Lineland tour, we’ve created some new T-Shirts. They’re teal on purple, 50/50 t-shirts, and are available in a bunch of sizes for only $12.00 plus $3.00 S/H. Order yours below!


April 10th, 2009


A Survey of My Failures This Far
Gabriel Boyer

6" X 9" | Softcover | 952 Pages | $12.00 | NOW AVAILABLE

Click for hi-res art

Click for hi-res art

Boyer’s influences range from William Faulkner to David Lynch, from Hunter S. Thompson to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Jorge Luis Borges. A Survey of My Failures this Far, his third book to be released through Mutable, is on the one hand just what it purports to be, a collection of materials (mostly narrative) from Boyer’s library of unpublished manuscripts, but it aspires to be something more, and perhaps herein lies the failure, what Faulkner called the “splendid failure to do the impossible.” Descriptions of each individual book within the larger collection to be found below.


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April 1st, 2009



Big Trouble in Little China

12 Tracks | Digital Download | $0 | Now Available


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12 tracks recorded in Kalamazoo, Michigan during the month of August, 2006. All songs written and performed by Liszts. Produced by Malcolm Felder. Mastered by Scott Craggs at Old Colony.


SAMPLE MP3: Wogenni


Big Trouble in Little China captures what it can’t capture, to become more than just an album, but a romance between one culture and another, one person and another, one dream and another, between those of us scuttling across the ocean floor, and those who stand above us, between the losers and the lost, the great home in the heavens, and the one we don’t want to go home to. We get saccharine as we get older, but what does it matter when all you got left is memories?


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